Project TitleEmbedded nanowire arrays in thin films for solar energy
Track Code2013-001
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This invention presents innovative architectures for use in solar cells and light emitting diodes. 


This invention presents innovative architectures for use in solar cells and light emitting diodes. The new structure will have large p-n junction interface area which will help improve the efficiency of energy conversion from light to electricity or from electricity to light. Due to the economic processes for making the structure and the use of cheap materials, the new devices based on this structure are expected to have low cost and high efficiency for energy applications.

Posted DateJan 6, 2015 1:15 PM


Jingbiao Cui


One of the researchers from Department of Physics, University of Arkansas of Little Rock has re-designed the nanowire arrays three-dimensional geometry structure to obtain the benefits of the high surface/p-n junction. Thus ensures efficient charge separation, carrier collection and light absorption which addresses the efficiency of solar cells. Subsequently, he has also identified some potential and easily available, cost effective materials that can be used in fabrication. The idea of using the available materials in designed pattern would prove efficient and productive for a high-throughput industrial manufacturing purposes.


  • Increase in efficiency compared to the products available in the market.
  • Replace thin film solar cells 
  • Reduce use of material 
  •  Economical in processing and results in high-throughput at industrial level 
  •  Cost competitive Slim fabrication, flexible to bend 
  •  Environmentally friendly


  • In electronics as sensors
  • Optoelectronics as detectors (portable analysis instruments)
  • Solar cells

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Dr. Jingbiao Cui

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