Project TitleNew set of metal complexes of amido pincer ligands for the catalytic synthesis of substituted furans.
Track Code2012-011
Short Description

The present invention is related the synthesis of new metal complexes of a set of amido based pincer ligand and their use for catalytic conversion of tetrahydrofuran (THF) to various substituted furans


Fragrances are being extracted from plant materials (leaves, spices, herbs, flowers, fruits and even wood) through centuries. At the same time chemical synthesis of fragrances is also of great demand due to growing trend in global urbanization and raise in the concern for personal appearance. Substituted furans are the structural units for a vast variety of  chemical fragrances compounds since they mimic biologically active natural compounds. They are great compounds for application in many pharmaceuticals, fragrances and dyes 

Our proprietary technology by Dr Ghosh and his coworkers at the University of  Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) have established a catalytic method that could potentially be applied to efficiently decontaminate toxic polychlorinated solvents while generating value-added substituted furan chemicals. At the same time, it also addresses low reactivity and conversion and harsh and long reaction conditions in making these substituted furans.

Tagsamido, catalytic synthesis, furans, ligand, metal complex
Posted DateDec 4, 2014 5:19 PM


Anindya Ghosh
Yashraj Gartia

Technology Advantages

  • Reactions can be carried under ambient conditions and inert conditions.
  • Catalyst is capable of activating Cross-Coupling Reactions of sp3 C–H Bonds  leading to their cross-coupled products with various Grignard reagents.
  • Efficient way to decontaminate toxic polychlorinated solvents and generate value-added substituted furan chemicals. 
  • Efficient method to convert toxic polychlorinated solvents into benign and value-added products.
  • Reaction times are short (of about 30 min- 1h).
  • As a catalyst for organometallic catalyst with high efficiency with TOF.

Technology Applications

  • Synthesis of various 2-substituted THF of synthetic uses in chemical Industries.
  • In pharmaceutical 2-substituted THF can be used as antipsychotic, cardiovascular and gastro activity based on the substitutions.
  • Aroma chemical and specifically as fragrance (Detergents and Soaps, fine fragrances, cosmetics, household products)
  • Substituted furan dyes can be used for photography elements, solar cells as sensitizing dyes.

About the Lead Researchers

Dr. Ghosh’s real strength and advances have been made in the area of catalysis and green chemistry. He is a leader in this area and has made significant advances using novel nickel, iron, and tin organometallic catalysts, and making use of reactions that can capture and make use of carbon dioxide.

Ghosh’s degrees include a Ph.D. in chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University, a M.S. in chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology, and B.Sc. in chemistry, with honors, from the University of Calcutta.

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