Project TitlePhotovoltaic Device Using Carbon Nanotubes and Method of Fabricating Same
Track Code2008-006
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The presented technology is method of manufacturing efficient photovoltaic devices using silicon and single wall carbon nanotube.

With the superior properties of carbon nanotube the device thus manufactured behaves like an ideal diode and shows immense potentials of power conversion from solar to electricity. The technology is a pioneering work in the area and boosts the power conversion efficiency of SWNT/n-Si heterojunction solar cells by more than 60%
Posted DateJan 5, 2015 5:53 PM


Zhongrui Li
Alexandru Biris

Technology Applications

Could be used for manufacturing thin film solar cells or Dye Sensitized solar cells. 

  Could be used for manufacturing organic solar cells.  Could be used for manufacturing organic solar inks.  Could be used for manufacturing electrodes.  Could be used for manufacturing photovoltaic diodes.  Could be used for storing electrical energy. Photovoltaic systems with battery storage are being used all over the world to power lights, sensors, recording equipment, switches, appliances, telephones, televisions, and event power tools. 

 The electricity produced in a photovoltaic system could be directly used for generating DC current, which could further power water pumps for irrigation and drinking wells. 

 Could be used in powering space ships and satellites.  Could be used in powering up the Hybrid Vehicles and Solar Vehicles.

  Could be used for building photovoltaic power plants that can supply the electricity needs of specified areas, industries, etc. Photovoltaic power plants are easier and quicker to install than normal power plants. Moreover, it is extremely easy to scale the photovoltaic power plants.

  Photovoltaic systems promote the usage of renewable sources of energy and play an important role in constructing green societies. Such systems could be extremely useful in hybrid systems where other renewable sources of energy could be used along with solar energy for generating power consistently. 

 Some of the other areas of applications are: 

o Building Integrated Photo Voltaics. 

o Photovoltaics in portable electronics. 

o Photovoltaics in Point of Purchase smart labels. 

o Outdoor advertising and posters. 

o Electronics in apparels and military. o Mobile devices. 

 o Automotives.

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Dr. Alexandru S. Biris

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