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Project TitleDensity Modulated Silicon Thin Films for Li-Ion Batteries
Track Code2014-011
Short Description

Development of a new thin film growth approach to fabricate density modulated Si thin films as Li-ion battery anodes with superior specific capacity and cycling stability.


Silicon (Si) is an excellent anode material in Li-ion batteries because of its exciting theoretical capacity of about 4200 mAh/g, which is the highest known value among all materials in nature so far. But, Si-based anode materials suffer from high volumetric change in the structure causes considerably high stress followed by cracking, pulverization, and the loss of electrical contact with current collectors; and finally results in capacity fading and failing. Another major problem is uncontrolled solid-electrolyte interface (SEI) layer formation on the electrode surface. This extensive SEI layer growth can lead to reduced capacities, electrical shorting, and total failure of the cell.

Scientists at University of Arkansas at Little Rock have developed  a new approach called thin film growth approach to fabricate density modulated  Si thin layer films. These films have proved to have the ability to tolerate high volume change, stress evolution, and cracking during lithiation/delithiation and high coulombic efficiency. This technology, Si thin film anodes are the pave the way for the development of next generation Li-ion batteries

TagsThin film Li-ion batteries; Density modulated thin film anodes; Silicon thin film anode for Li-ion batteries; Sputter deposited silicon Li-ion battery anodes; Density modulated thin films; High/low de
Posted DateFeb 2, 2015 3:56 PM


Tansel Karabacak
Taha Demirkan

Technology Applications

-Portable electronics applications - Laptops, computers, digital cameras, and cell phones.

-Can be applied to solar energy applications (batteries to stores energy 

Technology Advantages

·         Simple, practical, and low-cost method of fabrication.

·         Can be easily transferred to commercial battery applications.

·         Provides superior capacity and mechanical stability than currently available commercial batteries.

·         Improves the life of the battery.

·         It provides stationary, high yield, long lasting and low maintenance energy storage solution.

·         The overall cost of the battery reduces/decreases.

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